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Island Nurses


The Delaney Group facilitated the acquisition of Island Nurses by HiNursing for a successful acquisition from the estate of Scott C. Craun on December 12, 2012. 


December 12, 2012

Primary Role



Scott Craun came to The Hawaii Group and HiAccounting in mid-2009 looking for HR and accounting support that would allow him to focus on the mission and core values of Island Nurses—providing quality nurses and health care to the people of Hawaii.

Scott also came to The Hawaii Group as part of his battle with Multiple Myeloma. By outsourcing his back office, he was confident his business would be in good hands during his frequent travels to the mainland for cancer treatment. Over time, a personal relationship developed, and Scott made clear his desire to have Matthew Delaney and The Hawaii Group carry on his legacy and the mission of Island Nurses.

Our agreement was to take over Island Nurses, retain all staffing/recruiting managers, retain all of the nurses that Scott had built relationships with, and continue servicing Island Nurses clients with quality nurses.

Once we learned of his passing, Scott’s mother Vicki worked with The Hawaii Group and facilitated an asset sale of Island Nurses to HiHealthCare. We are committed to holding the flag in Scott’s honor.